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Selected Presentations

  • “Harm and the Non-Identity Problem, ”Kansas Well-Being Workshop, July 2014
  • “Headaches, Lives, and Value” (poster presentation), Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, August 2014
  • “Counterfactuals, Harm, and Selecting for Disability,” University of South Carolina Colloquium (invited), November 2013
  • “Environmental Degradation and Our Duties to Future Persons,” University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Lunch and Learn Series (invited), October 2013
  • “Rights, Wrongs, and Killing Nonhuman Animals,” Philosopher’s Corner Series, sponsored by the Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values, Coastal Carolina University (invited), October 2013
  • “On the Strength of the Reason Against Harming,” Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, August 2013
  • “Beneficence and Procreation,” South Carolina Society for Philosophy, February 2012
  • “Inevitability, Misfortune, and Personal Value,” Iowa Philosophical Society, October 2012
  • “The Comparative Account of Misfortune” (poster presentation), Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, August 2012
  • “How to Count Value” (with Justin Weinberg), Bled Conference on Ethics, June 2012
  • “Is Value Monism Compatible with Incomparability?” Joint Meeting of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy and the North Carolina Philosophical Society, February 2012
  • “The Problem of Too Much Harm” (poster presentation), Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, August 2011
  • “Time Travelers Who Kill Their Younger Selves: They’re Closer Than You Think,” Central States Philosophical Association, September 2010
  • “Situationism and Autonomy,” Wisconsin Philosophical Association, April 2010
  • “The M-Set Theory of Causation,” UW-Madison Graduate Philosophy Conference, Summer 2008


  • Comments on Chris Heathwood, “Which Desires are Relevant to Well-Being?’ Kansas Well-Being Workshop, 2014
  • Comments on Zac Cogley, “Fortifying the Self-Defense Justification of Punishment,” Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, 2014
  • Comments on Thomas Bontly, “Causation, Harm, and the Non-Identity Problem”
    American Philosophical Association Pacific Division, 2014
  • Comments on Aaron Wolf, “Reviving Concurrentism About Death”
    American Philosophical Association Central Division, 2014
  • Comments on Steven Weimer, “Toward a Flexible Historical Theory of Autonomy,” Midsouth Philosophy Conference 2013
  • Comments on Caleb Ontiveros, “Abortion, Other-Defense, and the Infantist” 2013 Online Undergraduate Ethics Conference, Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values at Coastal Carolina University
  • Comments on Duncan Purves, “The Non-Identity Problem and the Leveling-Down Objection,” 2012 Illinois Philosophical Association
  • Comments on Jason Hanna, “Doing, Allowing, and the Moral Relevance of the Past,” 2012 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress
  • Comments on Christopher E. Franklin, “Event-Causal Libertarianism, Functional Reduction, and the Disappearing Agent Argument,” 2012 American Philosophical Association Central Division
  • Comments on Robert Osborne, “Why Death is a Loss,” 2011 Illinois Philosophical Association
  • Comments on Hallie Liberto, “Moral Perpendiculars,” 2011 Central States Philosophical Association
  • Comments on Melinda Roberts, “Variabilism and the Asymmetry,” 2011 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress
  • Comments on Lori Gruen, “Ethics of Captivity,” 2010 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress
  • Comments on Robyn Gaier, “Hey, You, What’s So Special About the Second Person Perspective?” 2009 Central States Philosophical Association
  • Comments on John Brunero, “Consistency in Belief and Intention,” 2008 Central States Philosophical Association